Thursday, August 4, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read All about it: I (still) hate Chill Winston

I don't know why people come to Chill Winston--probably to sun and be seen but I'll tell you what--it's certainly not for the over-priced food or drinks.

A little while ago, my cousin-in-law was visiting, from Australia, and wanted to go to Chill Winston's for brunch.  I thought to myself: What the hell, let's try not to be so picky. I decided I would give the CW Menu another try and ordered the Crab Salad.

It was crap-tacular and what a waste of money. The Lettuce had more flavor than the Crab and the dressing didn't bring out the sweetness of the Crab meat at all but just sort of stayed stubbornly on my palette.

If I must--will drink there but won't be wasting another opportunity of a precious meal if I can help it. 

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